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Buying A Home? Here’s Your Guide

romaradmin / Uncategorized / March 2nd, 2017

Whether you’re looking out for a new house for living or investment purpose, you must be sure regarding the property and all its aspects that you’re about to purchase. Being among the most significant financial decisions the purchase procedure of a house is a little hectic and can often lead you to wrong investment decisions. Thus, to make sure that your investment goes in the right place and fetches you the thing that you need you must have a listing of few things that can be helpful for obtaining the position that you require.

  1. Licenses & Approvals-:

Perhaps this would be the most significant and the first thing that strikes mind while searching for the property. You can quickly check the paperwork done by builders that range from work certificate and commencement, permitted housing plans, environmental clearance, etc. The buyer also needs to ask for the land status title and check whether the owner purchased the property or only possess its development rights. A few essential documents like Release Certificate, Title Deed, Property Tax Receipts, verified use, Local body approval, etc. must be checked to ensure everything is in order.

  1. Make things go beyond usual-:

Sometimes the case is that your dream house is available with that one room for which you’re seeking a makeover. It’s straightforward and affordable to fix a few issues that are repelling you away from your favorite property (just a few wallpapers and a little paint) however getting renovations for the bathroom or kitchen can be a little bit costly. Mostly people think of fixing appliances, counters and cabinets but mostly they aren’t aware of the labor cost that can incur extra few costs. However, it won’t mean that only due to fixing houses you’ll have to give on your dream of the perfect home.

  1. Total All Associated Costs-:

It’s better not to follow what is told by the broker. In most cases, only the necessary costs are mentioned by the brokers, and various other associated aspects like external/internal development fee, parking/club, service tax, statuary charges, etc. remain hidden thus luring you into the property. Final price should be asked for property purchase.

  1. Have a Site-look-:

While visiting a site, you will come to know that the actual look and feel of the asset will be entirely different from the brochure pictures. If you’re still unclear about what you’re about to get and have a concern you can seek a little local help through the neighborhood as they might have knowledge about any disputes or illegal works associated with the property.

While not being a small investment it’s good to look at the different house aspects to make sure you’re into the right direction. Miss a significant element and chances are you are throwing away your hard-earned money that could get you in trouble. These tips would help you find your dream house in a safe and secure way.



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