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ULI Reveals picks for distinctive Houston Real Estate Developments

Buffalo Bayou Park, Southwestern Energy’s corporate campus near the West Houston’s and the Woodlands City Centre complex were among the many local real estate projects that got recognized at Tuesday night with distinction development awards that were presented by the long-time sponsor Winstead and Houston District Council of Urban Land Institute. The project has shown a massive scope for development and has been a favorite among the jury.

With the data, it is shown that Houston follows the trend that was noted in different cities: people are bypassing center-city neighborhoods, where prices are rising the fastest said Nela Richardson, Redfin’s chief economist.

With the annual awards program, currently, in its 10th year, would recognize public open spaces and real estate projects reflecting best designing practices in economic and construction viability among various other available factors.

The award winners:

In the non-for Profit Category: Town Centre Development near Town and Country village through moody Queensbury and Rambin.

In the For-Profit Category: Town Centre development near the country and town village near Moody and Rambin and Queensbury.

In People’s Choice Category: Southwestern Energy: and the Midway City Centre got a People’s Choice award in the decade.

The finalists of the winner got selected through a local panel like officials from Newland Communities, New Hope Housing, Scenic Houston, Streetwise Retail Advisors, Goren and BGE.

A jury was held off three national experts of real estate took place in Houston for touring all the projects of finalists in November and choosing winners among them. Robert L. Morgan, development director for Greystar Real Estate Partners in Charleston, Ed McKinney, interim planning director for Charlotte City, North Carolina and Kim Wilson, an architecture professor at the University of Lincoln Nebraska.

The list of finalists included FMC technology campus at Generation Park; the girls and boys Club – Richmond-Houston Zoo and Rosenberg: Gorillas and the African Forest. Forest prices are rising fastest said Nela Richardson, chief economist Redfin’s.

According to Richardson “The hottest neighborhoods of 2017 will be edge communities that deliver urban convenience at prices and that are close to Earth”.

For the real estate industry to boom, Houston would be the preferable destination as it has many prospects associated with it. However, a lot has to be done to make improvements in the real estate industry of the place. Still having achieved the people’s choice award, Houston comes as a prospective place for investment in real estate and development.

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