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Things to Keep in Mind When Selling your Home

romaradmin / Uncategorized / March 2nd, 2017

With the substantial growth of the real estate sector, property transactions witnessed a significant worldwide increase. While many people keep selling their properties to avail better ROI, others do it because of moving to new places. Everyone knows about the prospects of the good and bad aspects of the real estate market. However, what remains wrong for sellers would turn out to be good for buyers who are in spades letting you know about the benefits associated with buyer’s market.

While selling a house, there are a few things that can be done to sell it without many troubles and avail the maximum possible value. Have a looks-:

  1. Taxation-

Among the most vital aspects that need to be kept in mind while selling the commercial or residential property. The different aspects of taxation depend on the ownership sale timing. In case a seller sold the property within three years of buying the same, he or she would be liable for short term capital gains as a tax. The massive amounts of profits earned due to the property sale get added to the seller’s annual income and are liable to tax according to the revenue slot of the earner.

  1. Registration & Legal Documents-

Everyone knows that while purchasing a new property people tend to look at the appropriate legal documentation and registration. Many cases are recorded where disputed properties get sold at discounted rates where the seller isn’t aware of court proceedings.

For getting accounted as the property’s legal owner, the buyer should get everything recorded legally at the sub-registrar’s office after paying all registration charges and stamp duties. The charges would be determined by the property type, city, location and size.

  1. Get your House Insured-

With about a few above-average prospective buyers for your property, you would need to make sure that you get protected in case anyone meets with an accident in house premises and attempts to sue you for the damage. Before the sale, you should ensure that any obvious hazards aren’t at the site or that you can take on necessary measures for mitigating these.

  1. Think About the Right Pricing-

Buyer’s today are educated about comparable sales going on in the region that would heavily be tied to the right market value of your house. To get more competitive prices for your listed house, you can hire a real estate agent or broker in your area and get the process of around three similar houses sold last month in the area. For quick selling, the price of your house can be fixed 10 to 15% less than the listed home price.

Like buying a house, selling a house also requires you to follow some considerations to complete the selling process safely and get the right value for the home. Depending on your sale requirements you can follow these considerations and reap good profits.



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